Massimo Drago of Sicilian origin, lives and works in Cagliari, Italy.
Graduated in contemporary history. In 1989 he made his first work about the Berlin wall.
Since 1998 he work professionally for private clients and public authorities. In 2011 he took part
(with eighteen other photographers) in the only photo campaign planned and carried out in Sardinia.
His work revolves around the analysis of the urban space and landscape, documenting its contradictory
and constantly changing aspects, and examining the relationship between the city, the outskirts and the
countryside in depth. His work has been exhibited in Italy, China, France, Germany and Netherlands.

Books and Catalogues
Scambi Leggeri. Immagini sul territorio ai confini della città
Various Authors. Publisher: Ékate / Provincia di Cagliari, 2010
Texts by Piero Comandini, Elisabetta Borghi, Ester Gessa

Il Paesaggio Normalizzato. Cagliari, il territorio e i suoi margini
Various Authors. Publisher: Comune di Cagliari, 2008
Texts by Giorgio Pellegrini, Massimo Sanna

Various Authors. Publisher: Regione Lazio, 2006
Text by Piero Pala

Massimo Drago. Publisher: Soter Editrice, 2006, ISBN 88915-19-2
Text by Mariolina Cosseddu

Oriented. Fotografia, Festival Internazionale di Roma
Various Authors. Publisher: Zone Attive, 2005
Texts by Marco Delogu, Walter Veltroni

Massimo Drago. Publisher: Soter Editrice, 2003
Text by Mauro Rombi

Filmscreenings Catalogues
Italian Experimental Cinema.
Mostra del cinema d’artista italiano
dalle origini del futurismo al nuovo millennio

Various Authors. Publisher: Complus Events, 2008
Texts by M.Böhm, C.Ciervo, L.Meneghelli, P.Pala, E.N.Terzano

27e Festival Cinema Mediterranèen Montpellier
Various Authors. Publisher: Festival Mediterranèen, 2005

Seganli Luminosi
Various Authors. Publisher: Segnali Luminosi, 2005
Texts by H.Corbin, B.Di Marino, N.Henon, S.Lischi
L.Nicoli, P.Pala, M.Santini, L.Rebouillon, J.F. Rettig

Independent Film Show / 4th edition
Various Authors. Publisher: E-M Arts / Fondazione Morra, 2004
Texts by X.G.Bardon, M.Godovannaya, P.Pala, A.Suparak

Works in Collections
Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Italy
Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico, Italy
Su Palatu Fotografia, Italy
Private collections in Germany, Italy, Japan

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